Artist Biography

Nichole Linzmeier is an artist who strives to create realistic wildlife and pet portraits. She works in colored pencil, pastel and graphite, each one possessing its own unique qualities. Her goal is to achieve artwork that makes you want to reach out and feel the texture of the fur,  see the wetness of the nose and glimpse into an animal’s soul through their eyes.

            She has had her artwork displayed in the CPSA’s International exhibition in Atlanta, GA as well as multiple local exhibitions in Wisconsin. You can find her artwork in several art magazine publishing’s. Many of her pieces are being enjoyed in their new homes at private residences.

            Nichole was born, raised and continues to call central Wisconsin home. When she’s not busy working full time as a registered nurse she enjoys spending time with her husband and two small children, finding time on the side to create new artwork. With no formal art education, many hours are put into research and experimenting with finding the right techniques to help create realistic, beautiful pieces of art.